Split PDF Files

Batch split PDF file pages, each page as a file


Split PDF

Choose max 10 PDF files, less than 500 MB per file

Split PDF pages into separate files. The split files can be downloaded as a single package. Selection of PDF, automatic splitting, and downloading, effortlessly completing the PDF splitting task.

Automatically process each page as a file after selection.

Batch process multiple PDF files, download all with one click.

All PDF files are processed locally, keep your data safe.

FAQs About docsmall PDF Splitter Tool

Is this PDF Splitter tool free to use?

Of course! All tools on docsmall.com are available for free and not limit on usage. In order to cover our server and development costs, docsmall.com posts advertisements. In the future, we will explore more innovative revenue models to continue providing high-quality services to everyone.

Why did the packaged file size increase after splitting?

This is determined by the PDF file format. For PDFs with embedded fonts, each file will separately store relevant information, resulting in a much larger combined size compared to individual files. However, for scanned PDF documents, the combined size of all files will be comparable to the size of a single file.

Is there a risk of data leakage when using this online PDF Splitter tool?

You don't need to worry about this issue at all. Our PDF Splitter utilizes browser-based technology, so your images will never be uploaded to cloud servers, ensuring high-quality results.