Crop GIF

Freely or proportionally crop animated GIFs


Crop GIF

Start cropping after selecting a GIF image file, supports GIF format

A GIF cropping tool suitable for photographers, designers, marketing professionals, office workers, and various other professions, allows for free or proportional cropping.

Crop GIF images freely or proportionally;

All GIF images are cropped locally, keep your data safe.

FAQs about GIF Image Cropping Tool

Is this GIF image cropping tool free to use?

Yes, all tools on docsmall are free to use and there are no limits on usage. To cover our server and development costs, docsmall displays advertisements on the website. In the future, we will explore more innovative revenue models to continue providing quality services to everyone.

What are the usage tips for this GIF image cropping tool?

You can click and drag on the image with the left mouse button to create a cropping area; hold Shift and drag with the left mouse button to proportionally scale the cropping area.

Is there a risk of data leakage when using this online GIF cropping tool?

You don't need to worry about this at all. Our GIF image cropping tool uses browser-side processing technology, so your images do not need to be uploaded to a cloud server and can be cropped locally.