Compress Image


Compress Image

Choose max 30 images, less than 25M per image, JPG, PNG or WebP

Online image compress tool for photographers, graphic designers, UI designers, front-end developers and all kinds of professionals. Select, Compress, Download – compress images in a very simple way.

Reduce image file size with minimal loss of visual quality.

Multiple compression levels for different scenarios.

All images are compressed locally, keep your data safe.

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Ultimate online image compression experience

Keep image dimensions, greatly reduce file size while maintaining nearly identical visual quality to the original image

Original 1.47MB

1920 x 960

After compression 219KB (-85%)

FAQs About docsmall Image Compression Tool

Is this image compression tool free to use?

Of course! All tools on are available for free and not limit on usage. In order to cover our server and development costs, posts advertisements. In the future, we will explore more innovative revenue models to continue providing high-quality services to everyone.

What image formats can support?

Image compression tool on supports JPG, PNG and WebP image formats, you can use GIF compression tool to compress GIF files.

Is there a risk of data leakage when using this online image compression tool?

You don't need to worry about this issue at all. Our image compression tool utilizes browser-based compression technology, so your images will never be uploaded to cloud servers. Compression is done locally, ensuring high-quality results.