Convert Images to Word

Use OCR technology to batch convert images into editable Word documents, supporting handwritten photos and screenshots


Image to Word

* Upload to server for processing, max 5 images, JPG or PNG, less than 10M, larger side < 10,000 pixels

Handwritten images and screenshots supported, batch converting images into editable Word documents while maintaining the original style, and performing special optimization for blurred, tilted, flipped, and other situations.

Convert images to editable Word documents

Using leading sample models to highly restore text format in images

Upload, process, download, simple 3 steps finish image to Word job

FAQs about docsmall Image to Word tool

Is this Image to Word tool free to use?

Absolutely Yes, the Image-to-Word tool currently provided by docsmall is in a limited-time free stage. We will adjust the payment strategy based on usage in the future.

How effective is this image to Word document tool?

Image-to-Word document tool has a high recognition rate and high format restoration degree. It can convert uneditable images into editable Word documents to improve office efficiency. It can convert both screenshots and photos taken with a camera.

Is there a risk of data leakage when using this online image to Word tool?

Don't worry about this at all. The images you uploaded will be automatically deleted after the conversion, and the converted documents will be completely deleted after 2 hours.