Compress PDF Files

Batch reduce PDF file size, free online PDF optimizer and compressor


Compress PDF

* Files need to be uploaded to the server for compression, maximum 5 files, maximum 200 MB per file

Upload PDF files to cloud server for compression processing, greatly reduce PDF file size, multiple compression intensities available to meet different application scenarios.

Reduce PDF file size significantly

Upload, compress, download, three simple steps

Files will be deleted from the cloud server within 2 hours

FAQs about docsmall PDF Compression Tool

Is this PDF compression and merging tool free?

Yes, all docsmall tools are free to use and have no usage limits. In order to cover our server and development costs, docsmall website displays advertisements. In the future, we will explore more innovative profit models to continue providing high-quality services to everyone.

What is the working principle of the PDF compression tool?

PDF files contain many duplicate font files, resource files, large-size images, etc., which can be greatly reduced by merging duplicate resources and reducing image resolution.

Why does my PDF file show that it cannot be further compressed?

Many PDF files cannot be further reduced in file size, so it will prompt that compression is not possible.

Why do I need to upload files to the server for compression?

Due to the complexity of PDF compression, efficient compression cannot be achieved in the browser, so files need to be uploaded to the server for compression.

Will my files uploaded to the server be leaked?

There is absolutely no need to worry about this issue. We have implemented effective isolation measures, and only the uploader can access the file. After processing, the server will delete all files within 2 hours.