Crop Images

Freely or proportionally crop images and save them in different formats as needed


Crop Image

Choose an image file, JPG, PNG, WebP supported

Image Cropping tool for photographers, designers, marketers, white-collar clerks and other professions. Crop images freely or proportionally, support exporting JPG, PNG and WebP formats.

Crop images freely or proportionally.

Supports JPG, PNG and WebP formats.

All images are cropped locally, keep your data safe.

FAQs about docsmall Image Cropping Tool

Is this image cropping tool free?

Yes, all docsmall tools are free to use with no usage limits. To cover our server and development costs, we display ads on the docsmall website. We are exploring more innovative ways to generate revenue to continue providing high-quality services.

What formats does this image cropper support?

It supports uploading JPG, PNG and WebP formats, and the export format can also be selected as JPG, PNG or WebP.

What types of cropping does this image cropping tool support?

Free cropping or proportional cropping, you can choose the ratio or input the ratio yourself.

Is there any risk of data leakage by using this online image cropping tool?

Don't worry about this problem at all, our image cropping tool adopts browser-side processing technology, your images don't need to be uploaded to the cloud server, you can finish the image cropping locally.