Resize Image


Resize Image

Select up to 50 images, each file can be up to 100MB, supports JPG, PNG and WebP formats

A batch image resizing tool suitable for photographers, designers, marketers, and office workers. Upload multiple images, quickly adjust their sizes; Scale by Ratio: scale images proportionally; Scale by Size: adjust images to specified dimensions.

Two resizing modes available: Scale by Ratio and Scale by Size;

In Scale by Size mode, you can set fixed size, fixed width, fixed height, fixed maximum edge, or fixed minimum edge, to meet different needs;

Files are processed locally in your browser, ensuring data security without the need for cloud uploads.

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Frequently Asked Questions about docsmall Online Image Resizing Tool

Is this image resizing tool free?

Yes, all tools on docsmall are free to use without limits. We support our server and development costs through ads on our website. In the future, we will explore more innovative revenue models to continue providing high-quality services.

What is the difference between Scale by Ratio and Scale by Size?

Scale by Ratio means resizing proportionally, for example, you can upload a batch of images and uniformly reduce them to 75% of their original size. Scale by Size requires you to enter the target dimensions, and the images will be resized to those dimensions.

What do Fixed Size, Fixed Width, Fixed Height, Fixed Maximum Edge, and Fixed Minimum Edge mean in Scale by Size?

Fixed Size: Resize the image to the entered width and height; Fixed Width: Resize the width to the entered value, height scales proportionally; Fixed Height: Resize the height to the entered value, width scales proportionally; Fixed Maximum Edge: Set the maximum edge to a fixed value, the minimum edge scales proportionally; Fixed Minimum Edge: Set the minimum edge to a fixed value, the maximum edge scales proportionally.

What do Center Crop, Stretch Image, and Skip Small Images mean?

If you choose Fixed Size and the entered dimensions differ from the original image ratio, the image can be automatically center-cropped or stretched to the entered ratio. Skip Small Images means if the entered dimensions are larger than the original image, the image will not be processed.

Is there a risk of data leakage using this image resizing tool?

No need to worry about this issue. Our online image resizing tool uses browser-based technology, so your files are processed locally without being uploaded to cloud servers.